Welcome High Performance

Frascold for years pursued a strategy aimed to create a value for its customers. This process, supported by a significant investment in the research of innovative solutions, has allowed us to gain over the years a "know-how" and experience that has made our compressors most reliable, high performing, compact and quiet. 

In Frascold, the innovation of its products and the development of technical solutions, is continuously fed by a precise analysis of customer needs and market demands. This innovation process also takes advantage by the experience of strategic suppliers and support from selected business partners. 

Thanks to this technological leadership built over the years, Frascold is now able to successfully meet the demands of industry innovation HVAC / R to reduce the environmental impact of installations and improving their energy efficiency. Moreover, the constant innovation has led to the introduction of electronic components on board of the compressor that improves the control and protection, thanks also to the diagnostic functions that signal abnormalities of incorrect operation.

Our Vision


Our customers

They should consider us as leading manufacturers and best partners in the field of compressors and refrigeration and air conditioning solutions, in terms of quality, performance and service values.

Our staff

They should express their satisfaction, because their job and work conditions offer important opportunities for professional growth and personal gratification.

The rest of the world

We are worthy of respect for our responsible behaviour in terms of compliance with the laws of our society and with the traditions of the place and environment in which we operate, as well as for our cordial relationship with the people we meet in the course of our activity.


Our Mission

Our mission is to become the preferred supplier of compressors and refrigeration and air conditioning solutions for our customers.

In order to do so, we shall promote long-term relationships with our customers, based on the continuous development of innovative and sustainable technological solutions.

Quality for us is the fundamental parameter, and we strive to demonstrate its value and to promote its ongoing improvement. We mean quality in all its aspects: quality of products, processes, organisation, work environment, people and business attitude.

We share the benefits of our experience of 80 years of operation in this field and the skills we acquired in the field of refrigeration technology with our customers.

We operate so that our products and services shall become the first choice of leading multinational corporations in the sector of refrigeration and air conditioning.

We develop technologies and infrastructures to guarantee the appropriate time-to-market for all our customers needs.