FRASCOLD offers a full range of compressors able to cover a variety of applications in the areas such as Commercial and Industrial refrigeration, Mobile refrigeration, Air conditioning, Heat pump.
Over the years, different product ranges have been developed and enlarged to meet the requirements dictated from the evolution of the market, both at application level and at normative level. The current product portfolio is undoubtedly one of the widest on the market.

Frascold compressors distinguish themselves, in addition to higher efficiency and quietness compared to market standards, also for several and unique innovative solutions.
With the current range of compressors, Frascold can meet various needs and is ready to deal with new challenges of the market, by offering dedicated solutions for: Natural Refrigerants (CO2, NH3, hydrocarbons). HFO Refrigerants. New refrigerant mixtures and "low GWP".

Constantly Frascold is engaged in developing products and technical solutions for the near future, in collaboration with the main players in the refrigeration market